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Boring to Chic - Thanksgiving Design Tips

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

We have all waited 364 days for the earth to rotate on its axis around the sun, now family members and friends will plow through your front door ready to devour a Thanksgiving feast created by you. Your menu will include food for meat-eaters, vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free guests. These guests will sit at your dining room table for less than 45 minutes and eat a meal that took a small army to plan, prepare and execute. Little did you know, some partakers will be scanning your home looking for visual items to remind them of fall and our forefathers giving Thanks.

How do you take your home from boring to Thanksgiving Chic? We are here to help you! We have selected 4 of our top design tips that will start at your door, trickle down your hall, end at your dining room table and make you look like a rock star! How you ask? Well if you have read my blogs in the past you will remember my tried and true design rules - My number 1 rule, which I will remind you of - make your design work for you. While reading my 4 Tips keep this rule in mind.

Tip #1

Use what you you already own. Such as, turn your coffee table into a grazing table for guest to munch on while you put the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving meal. Strategically place minimal design elements on this table to invite your guests to partake and make sure service items are on the grazing table so guest do not have to look any further than this designated space.

Grazing Table

Tip #2

In my opinion Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to exercise the less is more concept. I like to have a small arrangement at my front door to welcome my guest. The next place I insist on having a splash of Thanksgiving design is placed just inside my front door possibly, on my entrance table. This will lead my guest to my grazing table for an interim snack destination while the main design event is in the center of my dining table. That is it. Stay away from garland with pumpkins hanging and elaborate vases with layers of popsicle sticks needing glue guns. I think using raffia as an accessory is king on this day of giving Thanks!

Chic Entrance Design

Tip #3

Use fresh outdoor items in your design elements. This can be as simple as snipping the low greens or branches on a tree or bush in your yard. This goes for branches with or without leaves. I think barren branches look beautiful in an arrangement.

Fresh Greens adds a Touch of Chic

Tip #4

Choose your design elements and carry them throughout your home in all your design areas. Such as, if you have raffia or greens incorporated in your designed space make sure they are used in every design location.

Raffia is King

Bonus Tip:

When in doubt, hire a professional or sign up for our Design Dilemma's monthly service and the first month is FREE

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