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Upgrading your Powder Room Vanity

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

If your Powder Room is like mine, it has been used, abused, overlooked and completely lacks any style that contributes to your home. It's screaming someone, anyone please realize a little goes a long way in making me part of your homes design and function.

Our Powder Room is remnants of a design that existed long before I was a resident. It clearly has all the required elements to be labeled a Powder Room, but that's about it. There is a pedestal sink, medicine cabinet (not recessed) toilet, and towel bar. Sparse art is scattered throughout and yes say it with me, a frame supporting a picture of Marilyn Monroe sits above the toilet.

I decided a long time ago to always have my designs work for me. When designing there are certain questions I ask as I go through my selection process. It's almost like an interview. I ask questions such as - What does a piece bring to the the design, how versatile is this piece what is the cost, it this going to be with me forever and will the piece still work in a different space of my home?

If we apply these questions to my existing Powder Room you can clearly see that my Powder Room fails the test miserably, but not to overwhelm my readers in this blog I am going to address my storage problem and replace my pedestal sink with a proper vanity. Why you ask, it just does not work hard enough in my space. Please, please understand I love them to. They are beautifully designed and in a small space seem to use very little valuable real-state, however all they do is stand there and look pretty while water comes out.

Now I realized there were quite a few things to consider when tossing out the old and bring- in the new. In my Powder Room the vanity will be surrounded by walls except the front of the cabinet. So I have to ask myself do I want the cabinet base to sit on the floor? No, for me I like cabinets that present like a piece of furniture. Therefore, the clearance from the floor to the base of the cabinet had to allow me enough room for proper cleaning. I also like the balance a vanity brings when there are just three openings. Such as a drawer across the width of the cabinet and two doors that open anything else is just to busy for me in a small space.

I also love the opportunity to add custom pieces where ever I can. An affordable way to customize your vanity is to add your own door/drawer pulls and tie all the design elements together with a custom co-ordinating faucet.

Now if you are asking what is that gorgeous metal color? I know, I am obsessed with it! This gem is called Champagne Bronze. Not only do I love how soft and light this metal is in any setting it plays very well with other metals. Such as black and oil rubbed bronze. This opens the lane for deep creativity in a small space.

I scoured the internet looking for a vanity that would provide me with everything I described above and more. This is what I found. I love that this piece offers me the option to purchase and replace the drawer/door pulls, purchase a faucet of my choice and the bottom shelve allows me to place spare towels to elevate my design. It will fit perfectly in my space, but it does come in different sizes to meet your needs.

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